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What can the Board Members do for me?

Board members take many requests for services and support. They’re always glad to help in any way they can. The actions of the board a limited to the authority and responsibility granted by the Covenants and Restrictions. Here are some things they can and cannot do for you. 

Kids are playing in my yard.

The scope of the Board’s authority is limited to the elements of the Covenants and Restrictions. Try speaking with your neighbor or contact civil authorities. 

A house on our block is not being maintained.

The maintenance of a home is detailed in the Covenants and Restrictions and non-compliance should be brought to the attention of the board.  Photos are extremely helpful. 

My neighbors trash cans are sitting in front of the garage

Trash cans may not be visible from the street and non-compliance is a violation of the Covenants and Restrictions. Violations should be submitted to the Board. 

My mailbox or post is damaged. Can you fix it?

Yes, we can. If your mailbox is damaged the board will repair or replace it once per year at no cost to you. Contact the board to submit a repair order.  

I want to add a storage building – what do I need to do?

Storage buildings are now permitted under an amendment to the Covenants and Restrictions. The design must follow the community design standards, and must be approved by the Architectural Committee before construction begins. See the Covenants section for complete details and an Architectural Guidelines form.

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I want to make improvements or modifications to my home.

All changes to your property such as additions, fences, pools, or other changes that alter the architecture or landscape of your home are governed by your Covenants and Restrictions. This is a covenant (agreement) which you agreed to abide by as a condition of purchase of your home. You probably already have a copy in your real estate closing documents, but we’ll be glad to provide another copy for you. If you wish to make changes, please visit the Resources page.

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My neighbors pets are driving me crazy.

Pets may be taken outdoors only under leash or other restraint and while attended by it’s owner. Pets which are causing or creating a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance or noise are a violation of the covenants, as well as the Revised Code of Indianapolis/Marion County. Please notify the board or civil authorities.

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My neighbors pets are leaving waste on my property or sidewalk.

Under the Revised Code of Indianapolis/Marion County it is not legal to allow your pet to  defecate or urinate on public or private property without the permission of the property owner. In the event this happens,  the animal’s owner or keeper promptly shall remove any feces to a waste container, or otherwise dispose of such material in a manner inoffensive to reasonable public sensibilities. Please be thoughtful of your neighbors, plan ahead, and carry a plastic bag when walking your pet so you can do the right thing.

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My neighbors are running a business from their home.

Creekside Woods is for residential use only. While a home office or working from home are permitted, operating a business is a violation of the Covenants and Restrictions as well as  the Indianapolis/Marion County Code of Ordinances.

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Can I go (fishing, wading, swimming, boating) in the lakes/ponds?

The retention lakes or ponds are not community property and may be used only by homeowners whose property lines abuts the lakes/ponds. Fishing is permitted only by the homeowner from the bank of their property. Boating, wading, and swimming are not permitted. Go to Covenants and select Retention Lakes for details.

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Who is responsible for the retention lakes?

The retention lakes or ponds are not community or common property. They are on private property, owned by the homeowners whose property lines abut the retention lakes. Only homeowners have benefit of use of the retention lakes (see above). Maintenance of the retention lakes is governed by the Covenants and Restrictions which each property owner covenanted (agreed to) as a condition of the purchase of their real estate. With one exception, the home owner’s association does not collect fees from homeowners for the maintenance of the retention lakes. The exception is that the homeowners of properties which abut the lakes, including those in Grassy Creek, voted and authorized themselves to be charge a fee by the Home Owner’s Association for treatment of algae in the retention lakes.

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Is open burning allowed in Creekside Woods?

Open burning is restricted by Indianapolis – Marion County. Open burning is permitted for limited purposes under Title III Sec 511-703.

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Can I put in a swimming pool?

Above ground pools, including wading pools for the kids, are not permitted and will result in a notice of violation of the covenants. In-ground pools are permitted when submitted to and approved by the Architectural Control Committee, a relatively simple process. Be sure to consult the Covenants and Restrictions under the heading Pools for more detail before making a purchase of a pool. To entertain the kids on a hot summer day, try setting up a sprinkler or a lawn water slide.

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Useful Links

Citizen – Stay safe and aware

Citizen helps you stay safe & informed, by providing instant notifications and live broadcasts of reported crimes and incidents near you. Available for iOS and Android.

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 Nextdoor is the neighborhood hub where neighbors work together to build stronger, safer, happier communities, all over the world  Available for web, iOS and Android.

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Creekside Woods HOA has created an official Facebook page, where you can exchange information with your neighbors.

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Mayors Action Center

Your point of contact for city services

The Mayor’s Action Center (MAC) provides the people of Indianapolis and Marion County one place to request services, get information, or give feedback.

Mayor’s Action Center (MAC)


Many services provided by the city of Indianapolis can be requested online with RequestIndy, where you can also check the status of your request.